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My FML wont allow me to add mods


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i just downloaded forge. i mean i already had it, and also got from that source before hand just forgot to install it in the video (btw i've tried this like 5 times trying to get this to work and i always installed the forge as well)

but this time it says

"a list of id conflicts has been written to the file 'idconflicts.txt' in your minecraft directory. "

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this is what it says inside the idconflict folder



1900: weathermod:TornadoSensor from WeatherMod - witcheryGlowGlobe from witchery

1901: weathermod:TornadoSiren from WeatherMod - witcheryLeechChest from witchery

1902: WeatherMod:VectorTree from WeatherMod - witcheryStatueGoddess from witchery

3347: fenceGate.bloodwood from Natura - moonBlock from GalacticraftCore

3348: fenceGate.hopseed from Natura - cheeseBlock from GalacticraftCore

3350: fenceGate.silverbell from Natura - breatheableAir from GalacticraftCore

3351: fenceGate.amaranth from Natura - landingPad from GalacticraftCore

3352: fenceGate.tiger from Natura - landingPadFull from GalacticraftCore

3353: fenceGate.willow from Natura - unlitTorch from GalacticraftCore

3354: fenceGate.darkwood from Natura - unlitTorchLit from GalacticraftCore

3355: fenceGate.fusewood from Natura - distributor from GalacticraftCore

3356: blazerail from Natura - oxygenCompressor from GalacticraftCore

3357: blazerail.powered from Natura - oxygenCollector from GalacticraftCore

3358: blazerail.detector from Natura - refinery from GalacticraftCore

3359: blazerail.activator from Natura - fuelLoader from GalacticraftCore

3360: furnace.netherrack from Natura - sealer from GalacticraftCore

3361: nether.obelisk from Natura - oxygenDetector from GalacticraftCore

3362: nether.glass from Natura - cargo from GalacticraftCore

3363: nether.hopper from Natura - machine from GalacticraftCore

3368: lever from Natura - oxygenPipe from GalacticraftCore

4002: WaterBottle from hamstermod - bambooBundle from tropicraftmod

4039: thermalexpansion.fluid.coal from ThermalExpansion - tradeBlock from tropicraftmod

4041: thermalexpansion.fluid.pyrotheum from ThermalExpansion - Volleyball Court Post from volleyballmod

4042: thermalexpansion.fluid.ender from ThermalExpansion - firePit from tropicraftmod

4043: thermalexpansion.fluid.glowstone from ThermalExpansion - bongoDrums from tropicraftmod

Suggested Ranges: 553-999 (447 IDs), 1502-1859 (358 IDs), 2341-2539 (199 IDs)


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I'm sure glad we god rid of those damned IDs. ;)


Now, if people will learn that when you jam a bunch of mods developed by different people together in one installation, there will be conflicts and learn to resolve them.

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Really, you downloaded fml from 6minecraft.. really? {Its shown in your video}

ONLY ever download mods from Minecraft Forums, Here, or where told to explicitly by the mod author.

The #minecraft websites are nothing but ads -.-


Also, Enders saga is awesome.

But ya, you forgot to bring the config folder as well.

Also, there is ALWAYS a log. You can edit the profile in the launcher and tell it to NEVER hide the launcher, which will make the log show up for you easily.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
Consider supporting the team on Patreon

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