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Deploying a mod with Gradle


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I've successfully created and tested a mod with Gradle, but when it comes time to deploy I'm coming up stupid here.


Everything I've read has vaguely referenced editing build.gradle... I've done that (http://pastebin.com/N5WcAx8m), and ran gradlew build.


The problem I'm having is that the contents of bin are still accessing unobfuscated objects in Minecraft.


I found a folder build\tmp\reobf that has jars named reobfed###########.jar, but those too are unobfuscated.


What am I missing here?

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Thanks GotoLink, unfortunately I seem to be having the same problem with the jars found there. Namely, the bytecode in one of those jars runs:


ldc <Class net.minecraft.block.Block>


To spin up a new Block instance... which of course throws a ClassNotFound exception, and kills the minecraft. Pretty sure this should be along the lines of:


ldc <Class ahu>


Now, in /build/libs I have:







I am assuming PaneInTheGlass-1.0.jar is the one I want to use.


(For those curious, I'm grabbing the type of the Block class to see if I should use obfuscated names in my transform class. If I bypass this check and force my obfuscation flag to true, my mod still blows up later when my mod code tries to test against Block.air... I get a field not found exception. Therefore I can only conclude that my mod isn't being reobfuscated.)


I feel like I'm missing a concept here.

Edit: Added logs: http://pastebin.com/vgUWQpJG

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ForgeGradle obfuscates to SRG names (which are func_*** / field_***). Also it doesn't change class names. Why? FML deobfuscates at runtime. That means: even though the minecraft jar contains classes like


or whatever they are transformed on the fly while being loaded to something like


. The method and field names are changed as well. That helps to preserve compatibility between minor versions (mods for Minecraft 1.6.2 still run on 1.6.4).


Oh, so my class transformer is getting in before this. I'm trying to be too clever with my obfuscation detector.


Mod is working now. Thanks!

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