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Suggestion for server - client mod sync


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So heres the suggestion. Since all minecraft mods are universal, aka not having separate downloads for client and server, is it possible to have minecraft forge ask what mods the server have, and dynamically download mods into the client from the server? Its like a clean client with minecraft forge, joins a server with mods, and then it downloads whatever the mods required to join the server. This means that there would not be a need for modpacks and only the server will need to get all the mods. The downloads can be either hosted by the server or redirected to a file hosting site. This makes it that mods that are no longer available still accessible by hosting downloads locally.


The issues with this suggestion is that there are mod authors that dont want this to happen. One solution will be to have the mod declare whether they allow this and have it default to no. This way,  mod authors will have control over whether this feature is allowed. To enable more simplicity if not allowed, the client would bring up the mod author's minecraft forum thread on the browser and allow the user to download the mod themselves. This would allow people who wants to play with mods but lacks the knowledge to install mods have greater ease of access to the mods.



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Omg, never thought of this before It will make everyones lives SOOO much easier.

Lets give all random server hosts the admin access to run any arbitrary code on the client's computer!

What could possibly go wrong!


No, Just No. If you cant figure out how to install at least modpack, you shouldn't be playing mods. We will not risk the security of millions of users for the few that can not follow instructions.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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