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[Solved][ASM][1.7.2] How did I go wrong?


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I'm starting to feel my way around ASM and bytecode manipulation, and decided to create a fix for one my most annoying bugs of all time, https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-29475.

I know what base edit I need to do, I need to change Line ~382 of EntityArrow, in its onUpdate() method, from


this.field_145790_g = var16;




this.field_145790_g = this.worldObj.getBlock(this.field_145791_d, this.field_145791_e, this.field_145791_f);


In a MCP environment, this fixes the bug completely with no side effects observed.


Here is my effort so far using ASM coremodding: https://github.com/williewillus/ArrowFix


I know for sure that my instructions are injected into the correct place in the method successfully;

the game starts and runs.

However, the game crashes when I fire an arrow, with this error: http://pastebin.com/5sZFV44f

Which tells me that I may have formatted my instruction injections wrongly or used the incorrect instruction altogether.


Any pointers on where I went wrong, how I can improve?

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It's just telling me that onUpdate()'s descriptor is ()V


My gut says that the ints it can't find refer to the invocation of getBlock() that I added, which means that I may have retrieved them from the fields the incorrect way. Can someone more experienced verify?

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