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[1.7.2] Attack entity from


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I'm stuck on a wierd problem some how this does not work?

    public void onEntityCollidedWithBlock(World p_149670_1_, int p_149670_2_, int p_149670_3_, int p_149670_4_, Entity p_149670_5_)
        p_149670_5_.attackEntityFrom(DamageSource.fallingBlock, 2);


anyone knows what i'm doing wrong?

I'm always happy to help others!


Java is not my main programming language but I have alot experience in PHP/HTML/JS/CSS3/C#/SQL

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add System.out.println("Debug"); somewhere in that function. If the console spews out "Debug" but doesn't damage whatever it is supposed to, then you know there is a problem with attackentityfrom. But if it doesn't, then you are not using onEntityCollidedWithBlock right.

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The only thing I can think of is that you have a messed up source code. I copy and pasted your exact code into my mod and it works fine. Are you absolutely sure that onEntityCollidedWithBlock is being called and then attackentityfrom is called but it doesn't work?

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