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  1. Hi thanks for your reply, Yes I knew rotation happens around the origin, but I've managed to shift it in a weird hacky way before using calculation to edit the translation... which was more work then it should be. How should I go on to rotate the model then? Should I use something like the setRotationAngles function? or how should I tackle this?
  2. I've been trying and fiddling around with these Fing numbers But I can't seem to figure it out, this is my Tilentity renderer code that rotates a disc but it's well not rotating correctly: Thanks in advance, I've really been trying hard to figure this out myself I know it has to do with some calculate stuff but I just can't figure it out, I've googled on everything and tried everything, i'm desperate.
  3. if you add a new items some other item ids can change thus giving this error [FML]: Found a missing id from the world when joining an old world
  4. Just paste the code that checks the boolean in your te update method.
  5. Look at my link everything is explained there....
  6. public class YourEventHandler { private static int flyTime = 0; @ForgeSubscribe public void onLivingFallEvent(LivingFallEvent event) { // if (flyTime > 0) { event.distance = 0; } // does NOT work correctly if (flyTime > 0) { event.setCanceled(true); } // will not take fall damage while flying } /* * Use whichever Event works best for you; I used ArrowLooseEvent because * my scroll item charges up like a bow and activates upon release. * A list of Forge Events can be found here: http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Event_Reference */ @ForgeSubscribe public void onArrowLooseEvent(ArrowLooseEvent event) { // Check that the entity is a player if (event.entity != null && event.entity instanceof EntityPlayer) { // Check that the item (named 'bow' in the event) being used is of the right class if (event.bow != null && event.bow.getItem() instanceof ItemScroll) { // Check if the item is the one that allows you to fly if (((ItemScroll)event.bow.getItem()).getEffectType() == ItemScroll.FLY) { // Set how long you are allowed to fly, or use a toggle instead flyTime = ((ItemScroll)event.bow.getItem()).getDuration(); } } } } } @ForgeSubscribe public void onLivingUpdateEvent(LivingUpdateEvent event) { if (event.entity instanceof EntityPlayer) { EntityPlayer player = (EntityPlayer) event.entity; ItemStack itemInUse = player.getItemInUse(); if (itemInUse != null) { updateItems(player, itemInUse); } // Need to allowFlying every update or it's difficult to get off the ground if (flyTime > 0) { --flyTime; player.capabilities.allowFlying = true; } if (flyTime == 0 && !player.capabilities.isCreativeMode) { player.capabilities.allowFlying = false; player.capabilities.isFlying = false; // drops player out of sky when timer runs out <ouch!> } } } } Seriously the first thing i found when i googled flying armor minecraft forge. EDIT: src http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1828278-forge-flying-with-custom-armor/
  7. You need to set player.capabilities.allowFlying = false; when you unequip the armor
  8. hmm not really try checking the item renderer src.
  9. I tried that but it was buggy i should try and make my code better
  10. GameRegistry.registerTileEntity(TileEntityMasher.class, "Masher"); GameRegistry.registerTileEntity(TileEntityMasher.class, "containerMachineGlaces"); wasnt the tileentity register like this: GameRegistry.registerTileEntity(TileEntityMasher.class, "modid.Masher"); GameRegistry.registerTileEntity(TileEntityMasher.class, "modid.containerMachineGlaces");
  11. java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: field_71946_M
  12. hello I'm trying to create a block that only lets water through but no luck i tried copying the air code but nope that didn't do it. any suggestions?
  13. I tried this and it did not work I don't know why.
  14. Added steam distillery tutorial. Molecular Science. Probably the first mod I'm making and also going to release. What is Molecular Science\What am I trying to accomplish with this mod? Well I'm trying to accomplish adding allot of real-life things Molecules, Atoms, how you refine ores and so on. What I'm also trying to accomplish is a whole different way of multi-block structures not just a fixed 3x3 or 6x6. Build the structure to your needs and see what works best with trail and error. Images Recipes ModPacks Anyone can use my mod in anymod pack private and public don't pm me about it you will be ignored or I will reply with no. Just make sure you'll give credit to me. LICENSE http://dev.bukkit.org/licenses/2174-standard-minecraft-modding-license/ Greetings Stijnhero ps: check my github for mod progression: https://github.com/stijnhero/molecularscience This mod was made possible by the kind folks of modder support Especially Diesieben07 and Draco18s Thanks for all the help!
  15. It where some broken if fuctions, basic java people can see my github.
  16. Yeah that was to check if anything happens with that method once he clicks the button...
  17. nothing it's supposed to return a item when i put it in slot 0 but nope..
  18. public void actionPerformed(GuiButton button) { what if you add it to all the cases in side this and add a System.out.println to check if it is called ?
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