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  1. When I play using more than 1 of my mods in either the live game or the dev environment, there's a significant chance that the function registered as a listener to FMLCommonSetupEvent by one or more of my mods will not get called at all during the initialization of the game. As you can imagine, this breaks a lot of functionality of my mods. I know it's that these events aren't firing instead of some other bug in my code because I put println statements in both the constructor and the setup of my mods. The constructor print statement always fires, while the setup print statement sometim
  2. I have a mod (2 mods actually now that I think about it) where I want to add an item to all loot tables where another item shows up. I can think of 2 ways of doing this, either go through minecraft wiki and the minecraft assets manually add an your item to each of those loot tables. The other method I could think of would be to loop through all loot tables and pools, and wherever the first item is, insert you item. Unfortunately, I have to use reflection to do the second method, because loot pools and entries aren't visible to the public unless you have their names, which defeats the purpose o
  3. Hmm, that's possible, but I would worry about the stability issues involved with overriding vanilla stuff. I might just make my own hopper that works with my other block though, not ideal but probably the most efficient and stable solution.
  4. Ok, I was hoping to avoid that, but if its the only way I'll give it a shot. Don't like the idea of looping through the entire world's tile entity set every tick though. I might just can the idea and try to re-purpose the block.
  5. Is there a way to detect when a hopper extracts and item from any container? I'm trying to make a block that "bottles" the experience that would normally be dropped when a hopper extracts an item from a furnace. I have the item mostly functional, but I can't find a reliable way to detect when a hopper takes an item out of a furnace.
  6. Here's the full log. [18:43:37] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Injecting tracing printstreams for STDOUT/STDERR. [18:43:37] [main/INFO] [FML/]: Forge Mod Loader version for Minecraft 1.7.10 loading [18:43:37] [main/INFO] [FML/]: Java is Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM, version 1.8.0_20, running on Windows 7:amd64:6.1, installed at C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_20 [18:43:37] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Java classpath at launch is C:\Users\Darty\Programs\UniversalWeapons\bin;C:\Users\Darty\.gradle\caches\minecraft\net\minecraftforge\forge\1.7.10-\forgeSrc-1.7.10-
  7. I tried reinstalling forge, no luck.
  8. Forge Version: I am using the default launch profile
  9. I get this weird bug when I try to run the server in eclipse, I disabled my mod and deleted the example mod to make sure it wasn't my fault, and I still get it. This is the log from one of the times it crashed: [20:30:23] [server thread/TRACE] [mcp/mcp]: Sending event FMLConstructionEvent to mod mcp [20:30:23] [server thread/TRACE] [mcp/mcp]: Sent event FMLConstructionEvent to mod mcp [20:30:23] [server thread/TRACE] [FML/FML]: Sending event FMLConstructionEvent to mod FML [20:30:23] [server thread/TRACE] [FML/FML]: Mod FML is using network checker : Invoking method checkModLists [20:30:23
  10. In my mod I am trying to create a knife that switched between 2 modes, stabbing and normal. When it is in normal mode, it is rendered just like a sword, but when it is in stabbing mode I want it to be rotated 180 degrees so that it looks like the player is holding it like this http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/hand-holding-knife-isolated-white-background-33425579.jpg I have an IItemRenderer set up, and it works fine, I just don't know how to rotate the knife so that it looks the way I want it to. This is my current IItemRenderer: public class KnifeRendering implements IItemRenderer
  11. Enchantable Golden Apples Enchant ALL the apples Golden apples have been constantly changing since they were added back in infdev. Due to various changes to the game mechanics and developer whims, they have been nerfed, buffed, rebalanced, and nerfed again. Recently, the weaker version has been nerfed due to the developers trying to add the gamemode ultra-hardcore into the game. Their old nugget crafting recipe has been replaced with a ingot crafting, meaning that the gold to half heart ratio goes from 4:8/9 to 1:2. This mod undoes these nerf and brings a new dimension to enchan
  12. You should not learn Java by modding Minecraft. You will only learn things common in Minecraft, but if there's a problem, you don't know what to do (best example is this thread). I suggest read some basic Java tutorials and make a standalone program yourself first before attempt to mod Minecraft. I disagree, I learned java from modding minecraft. But you absolutely NEED to do so by reading general java tutorials when you get stuck instead of coming to the forums and asking for help. You also need to observe and try to mimic the conventions of minecrafts code. Lastly, before asking f
  13. ALSO, make sure your casting format it either ItemArmor armor=(ItemArmor)item; int type=armor.armorType; Or int type=((ItemArmor)Item).armorType;
  14. Override displayAllReleventItems. In there first call the super method to let it fill the list, then sort it with a Comparator. This means that you create a method in your class with the same modifier (public/protected), return (probably void in this case), and parameters.(the things that are inputs in this case a list) This means that in this new method you create, add super.displayAllReleventItems(list), where list is the list in the parameters. This means to use some sort of comparator to change the order of the list. Take a look at this http://www.tutorialspoint.com/java/java_usin
  15. I will start with this: I know next to nothing about memory usage in java, other than tile entities use more memory than blocks which aren't even actual instances of an object, but just an id for each location. I need a way of getting the locations of all my blocks, in only a certain world. What would be the best way of doing this, making tile entities for each block, or having a list of a new object that stores a world and coordinates?
  16. Sorry I haven't been responding, I have been busy. Did you change if (!par2World.isRemote) { par2World.spawnEntityInWorld(new EntityBall(par2World)); } to if (!par2World.isRemote) { par2World.spawnEntityInWorld(new EntityBall(par2World,par3EntityPlayer)); } To fix your inventory problem, in you itemrenderer change @Override public boolean shouldUseRenderHelper(ItemRenderType type, ItemStack item, ItemRendererHelper helper) { return false; } to @Override public boolean shouldUseRend
  17. GameRegistry.registerTileEntity(TileEntityKillStuff.class, baseclass.modid+"killerTileEntity"); import net.minecraft.nbt.NBTTagCompound; import net.minecraft.tileentity.TileEntity; import net.minecraft.world.World; public class TileEntityKillStuff extends TileEntity{ @Override public void writeToNBT(NBTTagCompound par1) { super.writeToNBT(par1); } public void updateEntity() { if(this.worldObj.rand.nextInt(5)==0)/*Change the value of the 5 to increase or decrees the chance of an update tick, or remove the entire if statement to give a 100% chance*/ { this.blockType.update
  18. import java.util.Iterator; import java.util.List; import java.util.Random; import net.minecraft.block.Block; import net.minecraft.block.material.Material; import net.minecraft.entity.EntityLivingBase; import net.minecraft.entity.monster.EntityMob; import net.minecraft.entity.monster.IMob; import net.minecraft.world.World; public class KillerBlock extends Block { public KillerBlock(Material p_i45394_1_) { super(p_i45394_1_); this.setTickRandomly(true); } public void updateTick(World par1World, int par2, int par3, int par4, Random par5Random) { double u=10;//change this to wha
  19. Yes, but you would need to have a tile entity to do so constantly. Another option is to have a non-tile entity block that kills all mobs in x radius whenever it is randomly ticked.
  20. public static Block anvilOre = new AnvilOre(Material.rock); public static Block eanOre = new EanOre(Material.rock); public static CreativeTabs eancraftTab = new EancraftTabs(CreativeTabs.getNextID(), "Eancraft"); Although EanOre is defined here, it is not registered, and is exactly the same as what you had before. I have no experience with creative tabs, but try this: public static Block anvilOre; public static Block eanOre; @EventHandle public void preInit(FMLPreInitializationEvent evt) { eanOre = new EanOre(Material.rock); GameRegistry.registerBlock(e
  21. public boolean hasContainerItem(ItemStack stack) { return true; } public boolean hasContainerItem(ItemStack stack) { return stack.getItemDamage()<127;; }
  22. Can I see your imports on your model and render file? Sometimes there can be a faulty import there that prevents everything from working. if (!par2World.isRemote) { par2World.spawnEntityInWorld(new EntityBall(par2World)); } There is the problem. You never move the ball to the players coordinates, nor do you give it a velocity. I bet if you went to 0 0 0 and broke all the blocks around there, you would see a fully functioning rendered ball spawning there every time you threw it. (Don't worry, we all make mistake like this I've honestly done worse.)
  23. Are your assets imported into eclipse? And do you have a folder in eclipse that says assets.{youmodnamehere}.textures.tems?
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