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[Solved][1.7.2] Did the Item/Block Instances move somewhere else?


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first i want to apologize for that question, as i am sure the solution is pretty obvious.


So i am trying to learn how to write a Mod, so i started with the Tutorials on your Wiki.

http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Crafting_and_Smelting says, that i can "make" an ItemStack with

ItemStack dirtStack = new ItemStack(Block.dirt);


but there is no dirt in Block.


So my question is:

Where are static instances of the vanilla Blocks ?


i figured i could use something like

new ItemStack(Block.getBlockById(1))

but... you know, thats like the worst idea ever.


Just to test, i tried to download the 1.6 Forge, and obviously, the code from the tutorial works.


is there any Reference that mentions api-changes (1.6->1.7) like that, so i can figure out myself, what to change, if i find an outdated Tutorial or forum post?


thanks in advance,


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As of 1.7, the only way to access the blocks/items is to use Blocks.java or Items.java. They are no longer contained in their Item and Block classes.



Minecraft can do ANYTHING, it's coded in Java and you got the full power of Java behind you when you code. So nothing is impossible.

It may be freaking fucking hard though, but still possible ;)


If you create a topic on Modder Support, live by this motto:

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