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Starting A Class In Eclipse


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Firstly, I would like to say I just got Eclipse set up today, so I really know little about modding.


I was watching a modding tutorial on YouTube (by SynaSonic), and when I started up my eclipse, the tutorial's Package Explorer had started with a Minecraft folder that he started his class on. But, when I opened my folder, there was no folders whatsoever in the Package Explorer. I re-watched that section about 5 times, and I believe I was doing it exactly the sane as he did.


My current workspace is:    C:\Users\kai\Desktop\ISW\forge\mcp\eclipse


Thank you in advance to anyone assisting my problems.


P.S. - Please tell me if this is in the wrong section (which I expect it is); this is only my third (or so) post.

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I have never tried to code with anything (except HTML, which is very basic) before, so no, I have not used Java before.



- I have 64-bit OS

- I am very sure I am using the Forge SRC (

- I am not using Gradle (if you mean the program)

- This is for Minecraft 1.6.4


Like I said, I am terrible with coding and mods, mostly because I've started today.

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