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Living death event


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On my LivingDeathEvent, it just started to crash after I removed if(!event.world.isRemote) (it was placed above the checker if statement) and now it is crashing when i kill a mob the cause is the

"if(event.source.getSourceOfDamage() instanceof EntityPlayer && p.getHeldItem().getItem() instanceof ItemSword){"


And before that was crashing, it would crash when a mob would kill itself in lava or something! I don't know why it would crash on that, because I'm only checking if the source was the player and if the player is holding a sword.


Here is my event (I would put it in a code spoiler but I'm new to the forge forums and idk how to!)





public void onKilledMob(LivingDeathEvent event){

EntityPlayer p = (EntityPlayer)event.source.getEntity();

if(event.source.getSourceOfDamage() instanceof EntityPlayer && p.getHeldItem().getItem() instanceof ItemSword){

final int level = rand.nextInt(2) + 1;

DataHelper.setSwordLevel(p, DataHelper.getSwordLevel(p) + level);



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Exactly the same way. DamageSource#getEntity() returns the direct source of the damage, which may be an arrow or even null (in the case of fire, for example); DamageSource#getSourceOfDamage() returns the ultimate source of the damage, so if an EntityPlayer shot an arrow, the first method returns the arrow, the second the player.


If you want to be sure that the source of the damage is a player, use the latter method only:

if (event.source.getSourceOfDamage() instanceof EntityPlayer) {
EntityPlayer p = (EntityPlayer) event.source.getSourceOfDamage();
if (p.getHeldItem() != null && p.getHeldItem.getItem() instanceof ItemSword) {
// do whatever

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