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  1. Hi, ive almost been successful with this Here But im not sure at all why this doesnt want to spawn properly, and sometimes where the unrendered blocks are it still says the other biome even though the world generator has placed the blocks according to the biome top block Chunk Provider Biome Provider World Provider Ive gone through the vanilla code and i cant seem to find a fix
  2. Not sure why this is happening now when i try to render my slots Also code is updated on git, and when i remove my slots the player inventory still does the same thing
  3. Hi ive been trying for the life of me to get this to work properly but something is really wrong, This block is like a crafting table that detects whats in the slots and replaces them if all conditions are met, however the slots are so glitchy and i dont know why Container Block Tile Entity
  4. Okay im a little lost, i have no clue how this 1.14.4 works, little more info?
  5. okay so where do i get the instances from now?
  6. Okay so how should i go about this? I havent used 1.14.4 yet
  7. Hi i'm trying to register a throwable entity, looking at normal mc code:
  8. Im using (as i always have) Item.getItemFromBlock(BLOCK) for the tab https://github.com/TheSlayerMC/Journey-1.12/blob/master/main/java/net/journey/JourneyTabs.java
  9. I know that you have to set the X and Z in a specific boundry to prevent trying to generate into chunks that dont exist yet upon generation but what do people generally use? I was always under the impression of ChunkX/Z * 16 + this.rand.nextInt(16) + 8 being acceptable but it clearly isn't if i'm getting log telling me that its causing problems as well as slow generation because of it Log output [19:48:45] [Server thread/WARN] [FML]: Journey Into the Light loaded a new chunk [-17, -8] in dimension 0 (overworld) while populating chunk [-18, -9]
  10. Next question, i cant use a block as a custom tab icon, items no worries but blocks dont register as a tab icon but show up fine in the tab?
  11. Dont ask me how, but i just removed the item and block repetitive registry and now the lang file is working. And also to answer I didnt register the blocks and items, that part wasnt my code it was the other dev so couldnt even begin to tell you why haha
  12. Well what would be the cause of something like that
  13. https://github.com/TheSlayerMC/Journey-1.12/blob/master/main/resources/pack.mcmeta still hasnt fixed the problem
  14. Is there any reason that a mod wont read a lang file? path is correct and file is formatted properly https://github.com/TheSlayerMC/Journey-1.12/blob/master/main/resources/assets/journey/lang/en_us.lang it comes up ingame like a lang file doesn't exist and no items or anything are named which doesnt make any sense at all, so i dare say it will be something so simple to fix because it shouldnt be this hard. I just cant figure it out
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