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[1.7.2] Simple bug in EnumHelper


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, there's at lease one bug in

Class[][] CommonTypes


{EnumCreatureType.class, Class.class, int.class, Material.class, boolean.class}

needs to be

{EnumCreatureType.class, Class.class, int.class, Material.class, boolean.class, boolean.class}

because the constructor in EnumCreatureType.class is as follows:

private EnumCreatureType(Class par3Class, int par4, Material par5Material, boolean par6, boolean par7)
    this.creatureClass = par3Class;
    this.maxNumberOfCreature = par4;
    this.creatureMaterial = par5Material;
    this.isPeacefulCreature = par6;
    this.isAnimal = par7;


As for now, modders have to use the

public static <T extends Enum<? >> T addEnum(Class<T> enumType, String enumName, Class<?>[] paramTypes, Object[] paramValues)

method in


, which is obviously not the intent of this class.

Also, just as some evidence that this is an issue, I spent over two hours trying to figure out how to do this using Reflection because I didn't read the error very well last night when I first stumbled upon it. The error is one of those where it's like

Exception blahblah
caused by Exception blahblah
caused by Exception blahblah

and I only saw the first exception..


Anyway, I hope this gets fixed (though, of course, it's certainly of low priority, albeit a simple fix..)

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