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MCreator frustration


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I have all but given up on making new blocks in MCreator.  :'( It says it uses Forge, and from what I can see I do it all correctly, but when I start the game having any mods at all in the mods folder, the game crashes before reaching the main menu and sometimes before the logo screen. I have done it so many times now, I am tired, oh so tired... If anyone has succeeded in this, please tell me how you did it!  :-\


(is it true that Forge no longer supports any mods that change the original .jar files in the game? are there any other ways I can create my own content without being a coding ace?)

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You don't need to be a 'coding ace' you just need to know the BASIC of programming in java.

Sorry but you're not gunna get help here if you're not gunna try. {Also we're not here to teach you basic java, there are plenty of places to learn that on the net}

As for MCreator, it's a shame that something like that exists, but you would have to talk to its author if you are running into any issue with it.

And yes, we no longer allow editing of the vanilla .jar file, as there is NO reason to do it. Hell we don't even have to do it, so no mod should ever need to.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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You have just hit the point where a code generator will always fail. There is no progression curve.

You can't fix something you have no control of.

You can't make things that weren't anticipated by the real guy who did the coding.

Even if the author solve the issue for you, you won't feel the satisfaction of having it done by yourself.


All "coding ace" started at the same point, knowing nothing.

Making progress feels the best, I tell you.

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I have a lot of good ideas and I am really good at texturing/sprites, however when I look at coding I get a headache pretty much right away. I think that it's great that there exist programs that provide "templates" of sorts, that you can modify with your own content. It's pretty arrogant to sneer at those who find such programs helpful, since there is obviously a need for it.


Everyone can learn coding but with different results and in varying amounts of time. Who said that I didn't already try several times? In the end, the effort and setbacks outweigh the reward.

So no, doing it myself won't give me any satisfaction when I could have used software specifically created for the end purpose in much less time. The coding part is not the part I take pleasure in, sadly. I did not ask of you to teach me java either, just to help me understand an issue with a Forge-backed software. I understand you have no answer to the actual question, that would in itself have sufficed as an answer.

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