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Question about bukkit vs modded vanilla server.


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Hello. I have some newbie questions about running a modded server.


I have run the vanilla server as well as a standard tekkit server, for myself and some friends.


Now I feel like I want to take the next step and create my own mix of mods. I am interested in the tekkit style of mods, with pipes and machines, but I would like some more freedom in choosing which mods to use and perhaps be able to get some updates quicker.


I know there is the vanilla server, that you can mod much the same as you mod your client, and then there is bukkit which has it's own system of plugins. What are the pros and cons here? From what I can tell, and I might be wrong, it's something like this.



pro: lots of tools for spawn, teleportation, anti-grief.

con: not all mods are ported to bukkit.


I've only played with close friends until now, but server is a bit empty sometimes so I've been considering opening up and maybe having some anti-grief functionality is a good thing.


So to sum up, I guess I'm just looking for some insights into where to start and what kind of server is recommended?

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Hey, thanks for the replies. I'll probably go with a vanilla server then, and just not invite strangers. Yes, bonum is latin for good I believe, perhaps the base of the word bonus? But I got it from the name of a potato. :)


When looking for mods for bukkit, the forestry download page sent me to somewhere I saw something about porting:



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