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[Solved] [1.7.2] Custom Entity does not have Attack Damage attribute


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I have another problem: my custom entity does not have attack damage attribute. It is an entity extending EntityWolf, if that causes the problem.


Anyway, "this.getEntityAttribute(SharedMonstersAttributes.attackDamage)" returns null. So I decided to investigate and I ran it in debug mode. I F5-ed until I reached the base of it: the class called BaseAttributeMap. And the program was at the function "getAttributeInstance". So I hovered over the 2 variables (attributes and attributesByName) and they had many entries, but not attack damage. They had:

- maxHealth

- followRange

- knockbackResistance

- movementSpeed.

Why is this happening? I'll try changing from "EntityWolf" to "EntityTameable" to see if it fixes it.


Thanks in advance,


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"Available" doesn't mean "used".

The wolf damage value is hard-coded in its attack routine.

public boolean attackEntityAsMob(Entity par1Entity)
        int i = this.isTamed() ? 4 : 2;
        return par1Entity.attackEntityFrom(DamageSource.causeMobDamage(this), (float)i);


See EntityLivingBase#applyEntityAttributes() for the attributes actually registered in all "living" entities.

EntityLiving only adds the "follow range" attribute.

Only EntityMob and EntityPlayer register the "attack damage" attribute.

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All entities are supposed to have this attribute. Also, when the dog attacks it has the default damage.



That wiki is wrong.  I was just working on attributes for my custom entities this morning. 


EntityLivingBase has the following:

   protected void applyEntityAttributes()

        if (!this.isAIEnabled())


And then EntityLiving (which extends EntityLivingBase) has following:

    protected void applyEntityAttributes()



In my custom entities, like GoToLink says, I had to register the additional attack damage attribute and then set it. 


Note that the full list of built-in attributes available to register are (from ShareMonsterAttributes class):

    public static final IAttribute [b]maxHealth [/b] = (new RangedAttribute("generic.maxHealth", 20.0D, 0.0D, Double.MAX_VALUE)).setDescription("Max Health").setShouldWatch(true);
    public static final IAttribute [b]followRange [/b] = (new RangedAttribute("generic.followRange", 32.0D, 0.0D, 2048.0D)).setDescription("Follow Range");
    public static final IAttribute [b]knockbackResistance [/b] = (new RangedAttribute("generic.knockbackResistance", 0.0D, 0.0D, 1.0D)).setDescription("Knockback Resistance");
    public static final IAttribute [b]movementSpeed [/b] = (new RangedAttribute("generic.movementSpeed", 0.699999988079071D, 0.0D, Double.MAX_VALUE)).setDescription("Movement Speed").setShouldWatch(true);
    public static final IAttribute [b]attackDamage [/b] = new RangedAttribute("generic.attackDamage", 2.0D, 0.0D, Double.MAX_VALUE);


Check out my tutorials here: http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.com/

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