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QUestion about Techne models and blocks


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I made a model in Techne and now I want to add it to my mod, only problem is this is the first model I made.

I was wondering if a Techne model had to be a Tile Entitie or can it just extend the block code?


The block itself will do nothing, I only want it to have this model instead of it just being a normal sized block.


(Big sorry luacs, Forgot to change to modder support area before pressing the new topic button.)

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Hey brah,


I think you might want to take a look at how BlockStairs or BlockFence render. Meaning it is possible. But I believe these models are included in Minecraft and the way to specify the right model would be through this method:

public int getRenderType() {
    return 10;

where 10 in this case refers to the stair model.


Now, as far as I know, forge doesn't allow you to add these render types, so you might be better off with a TileEntity, unless you want to be able to move your block of course. Then it does have to be a normal block.


If you REALLY want this, I suggest looking at RenderBlocks.renderBlockByRenderType and the getRenderType() methods

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