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Multiple Texture layers on 1 side


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Is this possible? I have seen a tutorial using Tesselator, but it's outdated. I have about 100 png-s with the snowed and iced block textures. Is there a way to replace them with something? E.g render a snow layer(1 png) to every block.

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Yes it's possible.  Use the Tessellator in a ISimpleBlockRenderingHandler.    Vanilla uses the Tessellator for nearly all the blocks, so you could copy that, or you could try to update the tutorial - it probably won't have changed much.  The main trick is to nudge your snow texture slightly so that it sits "on top" of the first texture, otherwise you will get weird banding effects where the two textures fight each other to get drawn on top.


Some background information on block rendering here



(see the "Block Rendering" sections).




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