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[1.7.2] Making a Multi-sided and animated texture


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Whenever I use setBlockTexture() it works, except with the texture on all sides of course, but when I use it like this

public void registerBlockIcons(IIconRegister IconRegistry){

this.blockIcon = IconRegistry.registerIcon(MoreMetalsMod.modid + ":blockRefueler_Side");

this.iconFront = IconRegistry.registerIcon(MoreMetalsMod.modid + (this.isActive ? ":blockRefueler_Front_Active" : ":blockRefueler_Front_Idol"));

this.iconLeft = IconRegistry.registerIcon(MoreMetalsMod.modid + ":blockRefueler_Left");



public IIcon getIcon(int side, int meta) {

return side == 1 ? this.blockIcon : (side == 0 ? this.blockIcon : (side != meta ? this.blockIcon : this.iconFront));


it just has the "blockIcon" on all of the sides and it doesn't have iconFront anywhere. How can I fix this?

Currently developing the More Metals Mod.

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A couple of suggestions


>      this.iconFront = IconRegistry.registerIcon(MoreMetalsMod.modid + (this.isActive ? ":blockRefueler_Front_Active" : ":blockRefueler_Front_Idol"));


This probably won't work because registerIcon is only called once, at startup.  Also, this.isActive will be the same for all of these Blocks, so if one becomes active, they all will.  If you want some of your blocks to be active but not others, use metadata.


This link might explain it in more detail:





A good idea to put @Override in front of your getIcon, eg


public IIcon getIcon(etc)


What are you intending to use the metadata for?  the default value is 0, so if you never change it to something else, side will never match meta.


If you are deliberatly changing meta, I would suggest you add

System.out.println("Side = " + side + "; meta = " + meta);

to your getIcon and see what's going on.







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