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[1.7.2] include another Project


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This might be incredibly dumb (and feel free to tell me if i shouldn't be doing this), but I end up using a lot of the same methods and functions in most of my mods.  Instead of copy/pasting, i decided to create a separate project in Eclipse for those and just include them in the build path of my mods (setup so each mod is a separate project.


The problem is when I run minecraft in the development environment (and I would presume if I tried to compile) its not including that separate project.


From reading, I see things about setting Gradle to include an external JAR and I suspect this is a similar thing.  I can't figure out from the documentation how to do this.


Anyone able to help?

Long time Bukkit & Forge Programmer

Happy to try and help

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thanks, but those were not what I was trying to do.  I probably didn't word it right.


I found the solution and posted it in another post of mine.


Something like this goes at the very end of all your projects where you want to include another 'common' set of code.




dependencies {

        compile files (









Long time Bukkit & Forge Programmer

Happy to try and help

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