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_Bedrock_Miner_'s Modding Tutorials for Forge 1.7 and higher

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In this modding series I will teach you all about Minecraft Forge Modding, starting with the basic setup and advancing to rather complicate things.


The only things you have to know are the basics of Java. If you have no idea what classes, switch statements or for loops are, please learn some of the java basics. Just take a look in the internet for a beginner tutorial and you'll get something soon. Please don't miss this step because modding without java knowledge is completely nonsense!


Once you have learned the Java basics, you can start your first mod.

In my tutorials I'll create a basic mod together with you and explain everything. You can either retype the code, copy it or download it from a GitHub repository to which I added a link under each tutorial.


Of course you can also take a look at the tutorials if you are a little bit familiar with modding but want to broaden your horizon..


Please note that the tutorials are still WORK IN PROGRESS. I'll try to add at least one new tutorial per week, so the list of tutorials will increase over time.


Ready to start modding?

Go to create your first mod!



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Thank you for the in-depth explanations of the simple stuff. Your meta-data block tutorial contained the bit of information I needed to figure out why my custom meta-data blocks weren't properly converting between ItemBlock in hand and Block in the world. (New GameRegistry method not in 1.6.4).  None of the common tutorials mentioned that sort of thing.



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