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How do I get the block above the block I right clicked?


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Hey guys, (hopefully) easy question here. When calling the EntityItem method, I need to put in the "World". I'm a bit unsure of exactly what it's asking for, but I need it to say the block above another block. To put it in another way, how do I get what block I right clicked, and get a set of co-ords relative to it(one block above it)

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Usually you have the coordinate on where the right-click happend.

Then you take the y-coordinate and increment it (y+1).


But you asked for

how do I get what block I right clicked

I would use the the net.minecraft forge.event.entity.player.PlayerInteractEvent to find out what exactly happend.

A very useful tutorial on how to get to event handling, see:

(a tutorial by wuppy29)


May that helped you?

Since English is not my mother tongue, my sentences may are confusing.


I'm coding java for a long time now - just MC and forge stop me sometimes.

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