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[1.7.2] ApolloMod


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ApolloMod 0.1

An inbetweener mod.

Currently allows collecting samples of mobs in order to spawn them at the cost of RF and fluids acquired from killing mobs.




Brief Guide

  • First craft yourself a diamond blade with a stick and diamond.
  • Now cut some needles and glass slides with the blade with iron ingots and glass respectively.
  • Right click on an entity with the needle to get a sample (kills the entity).
  • Place a slide in the sampler by right clicking it with the slide in hand.
  • Now right click with the sample to get a mob sample.
  • Right click on the cloning device with the mob sample to place it inside (or use pipes). (Who needs GUIs?)
  • The cloning device requires Redstone Flux (RF), fluid flesh, and a focus on the block above.
  • Fluid flesh is collected by killing mobs above grates. (Pump out with liquid transfer nodes for example).


Mod Interop

ExtraUtilities: Added a crafting recipe for ender lily seeds, a seed and ender pearl. #lazy



The following may happen:

  • Splicing mobs together. At minimum the ender cow will emerge.
  • Nerf the extrautils recipe.
  • An item tank that collects fluid flesh from killing mobs in the field



Suitable to post here:

Bug reports, crash log and a description.



If your post is short and not that related to this thread (e.g. mod advice) please PM me instead, often these mod threads get way too cluttered.

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