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Custom Armor Render


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    I am a novice modder, with basic skills in java language and I am trying to develop a mod that adds wings (among other things) to minecraft.


    I would like help inserting custom armor rendering into my mod, like the rendering of mekanism jetpacks. I am using forge, obviously coding for a 1.7 mod (but I can update forge if necessary). I have made a model using techne but after that I am absolutely clueless as to how to implement the model as armor. Eventually I would like to animate the model but I am uncertain if that is possible, and it is not of huge concern to me at this point :)


    I hope this meets the forum regulations and any help would be greatly appreciated and I plan to credit people whose posts are helpful to the making of my mod :).

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What you want to do is very doable, including animation.  Its not that hard, but finding the right words to search for can be.


Look at some of Jabelar's stuff as well.  Its for entities mostly, but the concept for rotation and setup will help you enormously. 


If you want to venture outside of the normal 4 armor slots, now you are getting a bit more exotic.  I can help you with that if it comes to it, but for the basic 4 you should be good with the tutorials and Jabelar's stuff.

Long time Bukkit & Forge Programmer

Happy to try and help

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