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Forge installer cant find launcher profile please help....


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Hi there, Im new to the forum and an intermediate minecraft user.


I have been using MC1.6.4 with Forge and Optifine installed but I just got a new graphics card so I thought I would update. Wanted to go up to 1.7.9 but apparently there is no Forge for his yet so I moved and renamed my 1.6.4 .minecraft folder from appdata deleted my launcher and re-installed a new one from minecraft.net.


Edited the profile to run 1.7.2 and loaded up to the main menu. All fine so far.


Downloaded Forge for 1.7.2 from files.minecraft.net and when I run it it has the following error:-


"The directory is missing a launcher profile. Please run the minecraft launcher first.


I have already run the launcher and download 1.7.2. I have checked that there is a new .minecraft folder in my appdata and there is a 1.7.2 folder in the versions folder.


Not sure what Im doing wrong any help appreciated.

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It looks like you are doing things ok just try this procedure that I am using:


Run minecraft launcher and create new profile. Choose 1.7.2 in a dropdown and set the path for the profile to something like c:\users\documents\1.7.2Modded . It doesn't have to be in a complicated place.


Click play and then exit the game. Make sure folder is created at the location above and some basic minecraft folders are in there.


Then run Forge installer for 1.7.2. Just click install since default option is client install. Don't change any locations. Close the installer after it is done.


Open minecraft launcher again and go to edit 1.7.2Modded profile. In the version dropdown choose Forge 1.7.2 whatever version it is that you installed. Save changed profile and click play.


Quit minecraft again. At the folder above you should now have mods folder and just drop the mods in.





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Well just to follow on:-


I went to follow your advice and as I was doing so I realised I had already done pretty much what you said as part of my original troubleshooting procedure. I had been thinking exactly along the same lines as you. However when I went back to download the latest version of Forge for 1.7.2 I noticed that ther was a download link that I swear was not there earlier.


The link was for "Installer" not "Installer-win" or "Universal" or any of the others I had tried earlier. I feel like a bit of an idiot now because I had my text size turned up and it maybe the link was hidden behind one of the others due to this grrrrrrr.


I dont know what the difference between the different download links is but thankfully the one I just used worked out fine so thanks for your advice though.


-- Subject closed I guess :)



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Changelog - Straight forward, easily accesible text form of the change log :P


UserDev - This is downloaded by ForgeGradle when setting up the development environment. This is not intended for the average end user or even modders to access but only for those who KNOW what they are doing. And jsut want to take a look.


Src - The prebuilt, mod development workspace, everything you need to get modding started. Even includes a example mod.


JavaDoc - The javadocs for a fully setup workspace, useful as a reference for modders who jsut want to have a offline reference.


Universal - This is what is actually run in the game, it contains all our code and changes. This is packaged separately so that server admins do not need to re-run the installer and can just drop this in as a replacement of the previous one. As long as no libraries has changed, dropping it in place will work fine.


Installer - A bundle of the Universal, a json to tell it what libraries are needed, and our Installer. Packaged in jar form for cross platform compatibility. Should be able to run this like any standard executable jar file.


Installer-Win - Exact same thing as Installer, except run through Launch4J to get a windows header added to it. For windows users who have fucked up there java instalation and can't figure out how to run the jar file.


I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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