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[1.7.2] Grabbing information from the scoreboard


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Here's my example:



So I want to strip the following information:

- The title. In this case, "[1/3] Ends in 19:03"

- The two teams, "Red" and "Blue"

- The score of each team, 0 and 0 here.

I was poking around in the scoreboard code and just could not figure it out. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Here's what I've gotten so far:

- The title.

- Getting the objective names returns "§9Blue" and "§cRed"

- Checking these values returns 0, even when Blue team has 1 point:

ScoreObjective blueObjective = board.getObjective("§9Blue");
System.out.println(board.func_96529_a("§9Blue", blueObjective).getScorePoints());

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Managed to get the title of the scoreboard like this:

		ScoreObjective scoreobjective = this.mc.theWorld.getScoreboard().func_96539_a(1);
		String scoreTitle = scoreobjective.getDisplayName();



Actually this seems to be crashing sometimes :\. Changed it to this:

	        if (this.mc.theWorld.getScoreboard().func_96539_a(0) != null) {
			boardTitle = this.mc.theWorld.getScoreboard().func_96539_a(0).getDisplayName();
        } else {
        	boardTitle = this.mc.theWorld.getScoreboard().func_96539_a(1).getDisplayName();

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I did it! :D. I even wrote some functions for it:


Getting the title, in my case "[1/3] Ends in 19:03":

 * Returns the "title" of the scoreboard's display.
public static String getBoardTitle(Scoreboard board) {
	// Grab the main objective of the scoreboard.
        ScoreObjective titleObjective = board.func_96539_a(1);
        // Null check. For some reason, sometimes _a(0) works and other times _a(1) works.
        if (board.func_96539_a(0) != null) {
		return board.func_96539_a(0).getDisplayName();
        } else {
        	return board.func_96539_a(1).getDisplayName();


In my example, I would just need to do:



Getting the score of the teams:

 * Returns the score of the "team" (really a fake player) on the scoreboard.
public static int getTeamScore(String team, Scoreboard board) {
	// Grab the main objective of the scoreboard.
        ScoreObjective objective = board.func_96539_a(1);
        // Collection of all scoreboard entries.
        Collection collection = board.func_96534_i(objective);
        // Iterate through the collection of entries.
        Iterator iterator1 = collection.iterator();
        while (iterator1.hasNext()) {
        Score score = (Score)iterator1.next();
        // Check if the name of the "team" (player) is what we're looking for.
        // In actuality, it would be better to use an equals check e.g.:
        // if (score1.getPlayerName().equals(team)) {
        if (score.getPlayerName().contains(team)) {
        	// Get the score of the "team" (player) and return it.
	        return score.getScorePoints();
        return -1;


So, for my example, I could just do:

        System.out.println(Stats.getTeamScore("Blue", board));
        System.out.println(Stats.getTeamScore("Red", board));

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