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Boss Mobs


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Hey everyone, I have been trying to make a "boss" mob. What this means for me, is that a health bar and the mobs name render on the top of the screen, like the wither. So far, what I have is the standard mob setup. I have a Class extending EntityMob, Have a renderer class, am registering the mob class, am registering the renderer in my client proxy. But I can't figure out how to get the boss bar to render. I have been looking at EntityWither, ModelWither, and RenderWither, but with no avail. Any help is appreciated, especially is you have experience with this kind of stuff ;)

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I have no experience with adding bosses, but are you implementing


in your Entity class, and calling


in the


method of your Render class?


Some code snippets would be helpful, as well :)

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If you are inheriting from


, you will probably need to


the doRender method. Something simple should suffice, along these lines perhaps?:


public void doRender(EntityLiving entityLiving, double x, double y, double z, float a, float b)
    BossStatus.setBossStatus((IBossDisplayData)entityLiving, true);

    super.doRender(entityLiving, x, y, z, a, b);


Bear in mind that this exact code probably will not work as it is, but this is at least where I would start. I could be completely wrong, but that seems to be how the Wither does it :)


(Oh, and I don't know what




are - maybe pitch/yaw?)

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Yeah, I meant which, as in which out of the four form the superclass should I override. I did all four, and called a specific one from the other three. Here is the one method I was talking about:

 public void doRender(EntityTestBoss p_76986_1_, double p_76986_2_, double p_76986_4_, double p_76986_6_, float p_76986_8_, float p_76986_9_) {
        BossStatus.setBossStatus(p_76986_1_, true);
        super.doRender(p_76986_1_, p_76986_2_, p_76986_4_, p_76986_6_, p_76986_8_, p_76986_9_);
    } [code]

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