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Client-Server logic question.


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How would I go about doing the following:


If X on client, do Z on server.


So basically, check something on the client, and do it on the server if it is right. Afaik I can't use the world.isremote idea because as soon as I check client it won't be able to check server again within the if statement.

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First things first: You should be checking things on the server, not the client.All the client is supposed to do is send user input, and receive what the client should do based on said user input.


So I push a the spacebar: Client is told that the spacebar has been pushed, and then notifies the server. The server then checks to see what is supposed to happen when the spacebar is pushed. The character is supposed to jump so the server checks to see if the character can jump. It can. The server then makes the character jump and tells the client that the character has jumped. The client then makes the character jump visually.

We all stuff up sometimes... But I seem to be at the bottom of that pot.

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