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[1.7.10] resetting normal skin LEXMANOS please read


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I know i'm just asking for modding help and even if it isn't REALLY complicated it is a bit.


in my mod i use a code in the event RenderPlayerEvent.Pre wich changes player texture:


mainTexture.set((EntityPlayer)thePlayer, new ResourceLocation("textures/entity/player/Glacia/snowman.png"));


where mainTexture is locationSkin of AbstractClientPlayer wich i change using reflection.

The problem is when setting it back to normal: in 1.7.2 i used this code


mainTexture.set(thePlayer, ((AbstractClientPlayer) thePlayer).getLocationSkin(((AbstractClientPlayer) thePlayer).getCommandSenderName()));


wich in 1.7.10 no longer works and sets a missing texture (purple and black) with the error "skins\whatever.png" cannot be found


if i set it to null it will set steve skin and not the custom skin the player has (while the code i used did in 1.7.2)


Is there a way to do that now?


PS:sorry for the little bad english

Actually i don't know what to write in this signature soooo.... anyway

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Does the requested skin exist in the correct location?


Please post more info, such as your folder structure, context-relevant code and -error log.


((AbstractClientPlayer) thePlayer).getLocationSkin(((AbstractClientPlayer) thePlayer).getCommandSenderName())


this should get the skin player is using (Standartd steve's one or custom one) and infact it did in 1.7.2, now it doesn't work anymore


the location where minecraft looks for the skin is skins\username

Actually i don't know what to write in this signature soooo.... anyway

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