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[Solved] World Generation not working


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I followed the tutorial exactly, but it doesn't work, so I want to know the real way it's done. I have a class that implements IWorldGenerator. I also created an instance in my main mod class. where do i put the actual world generation. Do I make another class that extends common/net.minecraft.src.WorldGenerator, and put the sequence in there?

I like collars. XP

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Have you called GameRegistry.registerWorldGenerator in your mod file? How is it not working? Is the generate function getting called?


The code in the forge tutorial should create a wooden block very high up in the sky (y=100) per chunk. This is of course kind of basic and probably not very useful. The way Minecraft generates most of its stuff is with some logic, which is written in the different WorldGenerator subclasses.


For instance a common one is the WorldGeneratorMinable, which takes the block id and the vein size as its arguments. If you then call the generate function on that object in your IWorldGenerator generate function it will attempt to generate a vein at the xyz coordinates you pass it. If you want to generate more veins per chunk you just put a for loop in the generate function.


Unless you are after some very specific generation logic you probably don't have to write your own WorldGenerator and can just reuse some of the vanilla ones.

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