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applyEntityAttributes vs entityInit aka. dataWatcher vs EntityAttributes


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As the title says: what are the difference between the two methods? As far as I know the two methods applyEntityAttributes and entityInit are pretty much equally when dealing with EntityLiving and difference is semantically that you assign data to the dataWatcher in entityInit() and entityAttributes in applyEntityAttributes. Is that correct?


This leads to the question what the difference bewtween the DataWatcher and EntityAttributes is?

- Which should I use when?

- Do they both get updated automatically Server/Client?


And a last question: How can I set a random variable at spawn that doesn't change but is the same on both Server and Client?



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entityAttributes will not sync client to server.  Whatever you put there will be set on both client and server when the class initializes.  If you change one later, it will no longer be the same unless you pass it along ot the other side.


Datawatcher handles the passing of a variable from server to client (normally) in a minecraft sort of way instead of you doing your own packets.


For your random, you should generate it on the server and then pass to client via a datawatcher or a custom packet.

Long time Bukkit & Forge Programmer

Happy to try and help

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