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Forge repo etiquette


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I've recently switched over to the "proper" setup for Forge using gradle. What files should I commit to the mod repository and which should I .gitignore?


(Basically, which files are critical to the mod download from repo and which can I rely on gradle to rebuild for the downloadee?)


(I should mention I'm in the `gradlew idea` workspace)


My current .gitignore:



The folder hierarchy I'm working with:

|	<git stuff>
|	<gradle stuff>
|	<build stuff>
|	<run environment>
|	<class files>

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I use the following .gitignore:


# push src/ only


# Mobile Tools for Java (J2ME)

# Package Files #

# virtual machine crash logs, see http://www.java.com/en/download/help/error_hotspot.xml


All one needs to build is the "gradle/" and the "src/" directory aswell as the "gradlew" and "gradlew.bat" and the "build.gradle" file. This explains the .gitignore file:

First I ignore all files, then I unignore all files mentioned above. The other ignores are default from GitHub.

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jabelar you should put the gradle wrapper into your repo, that's the whole point of the wrapper.


Sure, it wouldn't hurt.  The thing is for me I use the repo mostly for private backup and tutorial examples, so I mostly care about the code and I don't usually collaborate.  If I clone I likely still install a new Forge over top, and just preserve the source.  I don't usually edit the wrapper in a unique way, so am not worried about re-creating it as needed.  But still good idea for proper posterity.

Check out my tutorials here: http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.com/

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Thanks, diesieben, for clarifying, and jabelar and WorldsEnder for posting their .gitignores. I've got what I need now, thanks!

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