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Alpha in model textures?


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I could use this, it would make a machine in my mod look so much better, you see, its an electrolysis machine, so I have the main body made of glass, so I wanted it to be so when you put water in the interface, the glass 'pipes' fill with water. But the alpha is removed from my texture, well, set to full, so it look ugs. Is there a way to allow for alpha values in MC?


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OpenGlHelper.glBlendFunc(770, 771, 1, 0);

I would use

        OpenGlHelper.glBlendFunc(GL11.GL_SRC_ALPHA, GL11.GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA, GL11.GL_ONE, GL11.GL_ZERO);

since I don't like "magic numbers"

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This thread makes me sad because people just post copy-paste-ready code when it's obvious that the OP has little to no programming experience. This is not how learning works.

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