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[1.7.10]Moving sound effect


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Hi there!

I finally able to set up a moving sound effect that follows the player and stops when i want it.

But it can be only heard by the player who created the sound.

How can i make my sound for others to hear it? Sounds are played in a CLIENT tick handler right now.


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If you can, play the sound on the server directly via worldObj.playSoundAtEntity or worldObj.playSoundEffect (both of which will automatically play the sound for nearby clients, though I haven't looked into the exact mechanics going on under the hood); otherwise, you need to send your sound in a packet to the server and from there re-broadcast the packet to nearby players.

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The sounds plays from the player when he holds down the right mouse button if an item is held.

I want to use onUpdate() but i cant play client sounds on it what is understandable.

I don't want to play the sound every time and my sounds its already working based on the MovingSoundsMinecart.

Except the sound is connected to the player.

I playing my sounds with Minecraft.getMinecraft().getSoundHandler.playSound(sound) tight now client side.

I can't realy know other ways to do it, but others cant hear the sounds.

With pakets it can cause lag? I it nessecaryt to use them?


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Everything is based on the MovingSoundMinecart except i changed TileEntity to EntityPlayer.

Here is my code so you can understand it:



Its not a problem, this is how i want it to work.

The problem is others can't hear that sounds.


I playing sounds like so:

ISound start = new PatronusSoundEvent("patronus:PatronusStart", mc.thePlayer, 1.0F, 1.0F);


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