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[1.7.10]Custom door support for custom mobs


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Right now its hard coded that mobs only search and destroy vanilla wooder doors.

It would be realy cool that you can add custom doors to mobs door break AI and for the pathdfinding, because right now you can't, unless you change the whole pathfinding system.

Thanks for reading that!

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That looks so awesome! Many thanks to you.


I don't want to be rude or anything, but you forget the actual pathfinding to the door.

Your code will work but mobs will not find the door so they not start to interact with it.


I found it that the PathFinder holds the info for the actual door path, especially func_82565_a() in it.

The wooden_door is also hardcoded there.


Again i don't want to be rude, just to know its there.


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