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Best way to create a simple flying cube entity


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I tried to create a simple cube as entity.

The entity is not really "living", it has no health, can get no damage, and it is flying not walking.

How should I realize that?


1. Should I use Entity or EntityLiving as super class?

2. If not EntityLiving, how can I properly render it?

3. If EntityLiving, how can I properly render it?

4. How can I use the Minecraft Pathfinding for my entity?

5. Do you know a way to let the flying not look straight and linear?

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You should use super class depending your needs so do comparing between classes. Look tutorials for custom mob rendering, that should help you with rendering. And no, you cannot use MC pathfinding for flying entities because pathfinder is made for entities in the ground so it tries to create path that is on the ground. You can create your own pathfinder AI task or use something from EntityGhast. With trigonometry you can create lines that are more "natural" or again, check how EntityGhast changes its position.

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Making it move to the player is not difficult.

Look at this easy trick.


Put this in your onUpdate() method


EntityPlayer player = this.worldObj.getClosestPlayerToEntity(this, 200);


if(player.posX >= this.posX){

this.posX += 0.1;


if(player.posX <= this.posX){

this.posX -= 0.1;



Do the same with Y and Z and it will go right to a player.


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