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[1.6.4] How to override main/base classes?


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So I have tried looking up how to override main (or base) classes a couple times a found nothing. Is there ANY sort of method in forge that will allow me to override any main/base classes?


I gave a short and to the point answer, if you need more information please ask.




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What are you trying to accomplish?  All modding is "overriding" the base classes.


Generally, if you want to change behavior of base classes you should first look for public methods and fields.  For example, the AI task lists of entities are public and so you can totally replace the entity AI.


Secondly, you can look at events.  Forge specifically intercepts many places where modders may want to change base behavior.  You can cancel many default behaviors and replace with your own code.


Thirdly you can use Java reflection.  This can help you access many protected and private fields and methods directly.


Fourthly you can use access transformers to truly modify the way the code operates.


Fifthly, many things are in registries which are public and you can de-register and re-register your own version of things.


Lastly, you can create custom versions (meaning extend in Java) of things and replace the base versions.  Like whenever a creeper spawns you could replace it with your own custom creeper, whenever a block gets placed put your own custom block instead, and so on.


So there is very little reason to actually want to change the actual base classes, since you have all the techniques above to use.

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