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Drop custom Items on Vanilla Break Event


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As Title says, I'm wondering how one can manage to drop item at passed world coordinates, in my case, when one breaks the vanilla leaves and when the leaves decay.

I want to be able to drop sticks and a small chance of acorn (then cancel other drops).


I'm a bit new to modding, but I've tried everything what came to my mind. The eventhandler is working right (I currently have it so the player toss the needed items).


Very thanks to anybody willing to help me.

I come here to ask only after several hours of struggling, forum browsing and googling. Please be kind :)

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Look at BlockEvent.HarvestDropsEvent it is what you need, you can change the drops list and drop completely different items on different blocks. You can change the chance and everything.

If you want the leaves to drop normally with shears, check the harvester's held item before editing drops. Be careful though, the harvester can be null occasionally and you have to do null checks.

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