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[1.7.10]How to create a forge fake player?


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How do you create a forge fake player. Also what sort of things can I do with the fake player.

A few questions about forge fake player


Is it possible for me to kill it once its job is done?

Can I add items into its hand, as in make it hold an item ?

Can other entities detect that is an entity?


Don't be afraid to ask question when modding, there are no stupid question! Unless you don't know java then all your questions are stupid!

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FakePlayer is defined in net.minecraftforge.common.util.FakePlayer.class


It is an EntityClientPlayerMP and overrides several method to do nothing or return false.

[*]Cannot send commands

[*]Always has coordinates 0,0,0

[*]Doesn't have a chatbox or handle chat

[*]Has no stats

[*]Will not open a GUI (he has no eyes that could see it anyways)

[*]Is invulnerable to damage

[*]He cannot be killed and drop items etc. i.e. onDeath() { return; }

[*]He will not travel to other dimensions.

[*]Not much more to say....


Answer your questions?


Oh yeah. The main question in the topic title. FakePlayerFactory is your answer.

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