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[Solved]Editing base classes after 1.7.2


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I want to replace a base(vanilla) class following this tutorial


But i need to compile an edited base class for this.

I know forge made it for good reasons impossible to edit baseclasses, but i want to edit them nevertheless.

So is there a way?

Or is there another way to make core mods which replace vanilla classes?


thanks in advance.


In german, because it's my mothertungue:


"Ich will eine Vanilla Klasse bearbeiten, was aber seit 1.7.x ja nicht mehr möglich ist.

Ich weis, dass es gute Gründe gibt, warum man sie nicht mehr verändern kann, aber für das obige tutorial ist es notwendig."


I know that i know nothing! (Socrates)

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Well if you just need the source code of the vanilla class you can use could use jdgui to get it or just setup a workspace with an older forge version


wenn du nur die sources braust setzt dir einfach einen älteren workspace auf oder probiers mal mit nem 0815 decompiler.

ich für meine zwecke verwende ganz gerne jdgui.

es kann nur sein dass du so gut wie nichts verstehst/ die gesuchte klasse nicht findest weil minecraft obfuscated ist



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Yeah, there are a lot of things available before you need to do base class modification.


1) public fields, methods, registries.  You can do things like entirely change a mob's AI because the AI list is public, you can break blocks, set them on fire, etc.,

2) you can replace the vanilla items with custom classes that extend them and have the additional code you need.

3) you can use events to intercept and replace many behaviors that are of common interest to modders.

4) you can use Java reflection, giving you access to otherwise private fields and methods.

5) you can use access transformers


What are you trying to achieve that can't be done with the above?

Check out my tutorials here: http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.com/

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Well my mod makes the spider ride- and tame-able

My mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1293396-1-7-2-rideable-spiders-mod


so if i replace the vanilla class, this mod makes every spider which extends the EntitySpider.class rideable.(this works also for mods)


How i can do this by Forge events?

(if i replace the spider with an oninteract-event i can only replace it with one entity, and it won't make it possible to ride spiders from other mods).

I know that i know nothing! (Socrates)

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And how do I render  an saddle on the spider model, or an armour?

And how i can make the spider tameable with interacting events?(this also means the spider don't disapears in peacefull if it's tamed)

And if it's mounted, how do I control(ride) the spider?

I know that i know nothing! (Socrates)

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I haven't noticed the RenderLivingEvent it helps me very much.

I think it's possible to convert the mod into an not coremod, but it's not as powerfull as an coremod.

Thank you, i'll try my luck and probably have many more questions.


Edit: is there a list of every event that forge has?


I know that i know nothing! (Socrates)

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