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What Mods do these things?


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Hello, I'm very new to Forge.  Please school me on the best way to search for Mods so I don't have to bug everyone.  Do I just use the search bar, or just go to the Mods forum and start reading subject lines?  Thanks!


If you have recommendations for the following, I am looking for a few mods to start with:


1. Something that lets me host a server with multiple worlds with portals that link them.  Something like having multiple universes... like a multiverse or something.  ;)


2.  Something that lets me control the length of day and night, like if I want day time to last three times the length of night.


3.  Changing so that not everyone has to be in a bed for sleep to fast forward to day.


4. (Bonus round!)  Automated games like hunger games, hide & seek, splegg and dance party.


I look forward to using Forge and getting to know the community.  Sorry that I have been distracted for years with some other project.  ;D  Sorry if I'm not posting this in the right forum, General sounded like the best spot.

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I'm assuming you are looking for mods for minecraft version 1.7.10?

If yes:

1. A MultiWorld - allows you to create multiple Dimensions, no Portals on its own tho

1. B Enhanced Portals 3 - Allows you to create Portals to anywhere

(although you might want to read through the wiki)


2. Time-speed Mod - Allows you to control time


3. Morpheus - sleep voting mod


4. I only did a quick search, so if there's a mod like that, I didn't find it, sorry  :( 


For further Mod searches, The MCF Mod List is a good place to start (imho)  :)

The Mods section on the Minecraft forum is another place (besides the one on this forum, of course)



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