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Looking for Collaborator for mod


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Hello everyone!


I'm looking to start working on a mod, but the only modding experience I have is with Bukkit.


The mod idea I have is based around Industrialized Chemical Processes, mainly the ones on this list:



The mod goes deeper into the research and discovery of these processes.

(Like Charles Goodyear's discovery of Rubber Vulcanization http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Goodyear#Discovery_of_vulcanization)

The mod would have research that would have the user do smallscale testing in a "lab", and then they can Industrialize it for mass production by using machinery.


As for unique features and items in the mod, I'm still debating on what to add.


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I'd be willing to help with problems and suggestions, but I'm working on a fairly big mod myself at the moment and I'm somewhat new. Only been doing this on and off for a year with little java experience at the beginning.


Thank you ^^


I've already found someone to work with. But if we get stuck, I'll remember to ask you.

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