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  1. I tried implementing the code in entity's setPosition that deals with the bounding box to no effect.
  2. I have a entity whose bounding box seems to mess up when it moves. Colliding with it make you "bounce" (client doesn't collide when server does) and I can't right click it. Restarting fixes it until it moves again. Is there some kins of update method to call? Let me know if code would help! Note: I am manually setting the position with datawatchers.
  3. Diesieben, could you expand what you said, I at least claim to not to be a java novice and am not sure what you meant. Also, if I am understanding your lack of spelling, you really should not be insulting diesieben's attempt to help. He knows more about forge modding than anyone except maybe for people like Lex himself! Let's all just try to figure out what the problem is, ok? Could you give us all the related classes (entities, etc...) as well as a log in case it says anything? I'm not seeing anywhere that you register a texture for the snowball renderer. How does that work exactly? Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like you are registering an entity renderer for an item. Finally, your indenting and class definition next to an import make it hard to read and understand, could you clean it up? Note, I'm not at a workspace so I apologize for any stupid mistakes I made .
  4. The onUpdate method is called each tick (look at Entity class). The println was to check it was spawning correctly, you might want to make it print (this.worldObj.isRemote + ", " + this) to see the entity and which world it is in. Give us what that outputs and updated code when you implement it.
  5. Could you send us the new code, it makes it a lot easier!
  6. Add an println to the onUpdate method to make sure it is spawning right (make sure to call super!). Can we see spawning code?
  7. Look into entities, items, the vanilla bow and arrow, and check the forge wiki for a gun tutorial (I think I remember seeing one).
  8. Hope you aren't the person I helped on the irc, and if not, I may have a solution. If you want to check if a block does something on right click, you can just see if it is overridden from the vanilla one with reflection, I'll get the specific code to you soon, not at a workspace.
  9. Some possible causes: Did you register it, is it just not rendering, are the coords in the right spot (println them before spawning)?
  10. Well if you are making you're own animation you can just disable the vanilla one instead on undoing it.
  11. Spawn the entity after you change all the variables. Make sure it only spawns serverside with if (!player.worldObj.isRemote).
  12. Really not sure. You could always recreate the animation yourself.
  13. Not too familiar with armor, but there has to be more than just one class (registration, rendering, etc...). Does it render with null texture or not at all? Could you post these classes and a log in case there are any errors that could lead to a solution?
  14. Not sure what you mean still, could you clarify and show the updated code?
  15. Its fine, helps to have someone look over your code, everyone does things like that!
  16. Looks like you have at least a couple static variables. http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/what-is-the-static-keyword-in-java.html
  17. What is your launch profile? What forge version?
  18. Give us a crash report/ log from your IDE. I think the side code looks good, so most probable solution is that the textures aren't in the right place or you load them incorrectly. (Pretty sure that isn't exactly how you register icons, I'll check my old code...)
  19. Dang it, you got here first diesieben
  20. GO FORGE, BUKKIT IS TERRIBLE!!! (keeping the war goin, I don't really hate them, just personal preference) Draco seemed to have been mostly talking about the rendering side of things, but any serverside only mod can only render with vanilla stuff so going to bukkit won't help.
  21. Might want to recover some basic logic and programming... Your code (in an analogy) is checking if a fruit is an apple, then if it is an apple checking if the apple is also an orange. Finally if the fruit is both an apple and an orange, doing something. I think you're thinking about a switch statement, just google that. Either that or else-ifs will do what you need.
  22. Show us your code? I don't have an environment handy and it's helpful.
  23. Just a quick question, my launch profiles were deleted and I want to do a separate test. Looking at the console I think I just need a parameter for gradlestart but I don't know what it is, could someone take a look. Thanks!
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