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SRC minecraft bin not downloading


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I am trying to set up a modding environment for 1.6.4, but the minecraft bin is not downloading, ive tried various diffrent versions and gotten various diffrent errors, such as minecraft-server-1.6.4 hash failed, or when an older version (extension 964) used gradle the server and client downloads were "SKIPPED", when i tried recommened for 1.6.2 it said i was denied access to the download. so confused...


to clarify: MCP is still being extracted, but the minecaft installation is not


I am running windows 8, java 7, jdk 7, eclipse standard 4.5, with the work space set to the eclipes folder in mcp, all 64-bit



whats going on?


after i ran: gradlew setupDecompWorkspace --refresh-dependencies

and: gradlew eclipse

Snapshots of CMD:


I couldnt find a log file, or figure out how to run gradle with debug?

sorry bout download link, but i dont know how to insert image  :-\

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Forge does not work for 1.6.4. After the Heartbleed incident, the hashes for the files used by 1.6.4 Forge changed from what I've seen, which, long story short, broke Forge/MCP as it depended on these hashes not changing. Update to 1.7.10. You should have been using it anyways, why you're using 1.6.4 is beyond me. Most of the major mods have updated, so that's not a valid excuse for using 1.6.4. Plus, getting to 1.7.10 will make updating to 1.8 much easier when Forge is released for it (which won't be too much longer, I'd assume, 1.8 MCP is already in pre-release). 1.6.4 is in the past. Let's keep it that way.

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1. im using  1.6.4 because i have a modpack that is in 1.6.4 and want to use my mod in it

2. minecraft bin, when i open the mcp file, or gradle file, in the versios ive trie, there is n minecraft folder, so eclipse cannot acces its classfiles.

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