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How would I check for a type of block at a specific location?


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As the title says, what I wish to do is check for a specific type of block at pre-defined coordinates. I have a custom block, I have the location setup to check for the block. What I wish to do is trigger an event whenever a TileEntityChest is placed next to my block (Adjacent to it's x or z axis). The only issue is I don't know how to check if it's a TileEntityChest. I thought of something like


if (adjacentXPos != new TileEntityChest()){}


Sadly, however, that didn't work. I can check if they're null just fine by doing


if (adjacentXPos != null){}


Any input is appreciated.

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Rather then comparing the unlocalized names at all, just compare the items/blocks themself:

if(block == myBlock)

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1.12 -> 1.13 primer by williewillus.


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I just use:


If (world.getBlock(x, y, z) instanceof BlockChest) {




Should work, any errors are just me forgetting stuff.


Quick Reminder: don't store variables in block classes, methods are fine but can't be accessed after they are run. If you are trying to store any data more than a 0-15 int (metadata), use tileentities.

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