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Mining speed ?


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Thanks for the reply.

However, I can't seem to find any methods that sets the 'material' of an item.


I figured out the setHarvestLevel, but that only sets if the block broken will drop an item...

How do I set the actual mining speed of the pickaxe ?

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Alright, so after digging through the minecraft source code, I found out you can modify the tool's mining speed by overriding the function func_150893_a and returning a float value. That does work if I hard-code a value into the return line. Seems like minecraft only checks the function once so even if I'm doing some logic checking and returning a different value during runtime doesn't affect the mining speed....


Anyone have any idea on how to change the mining speed during runtime ? Thanks in advance.

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just add in yours main mod class:

public static ToolMaterial material = EnumHelper.addToolMaterial("materialName", harvestLevel, maxUses, digSpeed, damage, enchantability);

and in registering pickaxe

= new MyPickaxe(material)

in MyPickaxe

public MyPickaxe(ToolMaterial material) {

and if you haven't, add after class MyPickaxe

extends ItemPickaxe


so total code:

main mod class

@Mod(modid = "mymod" ,name="My mod",version = "alpha 1.1", )
public class BaseMyMod
public static Item pickaxe;
public void init(FMLInitializationEvent event)
	pickaxe = new Pickaxe(material);
GameRegistry.registerItem(pickaxe, "pickaxe");
public static ToolMaterial material = EnumHelper.addToolMaterial("material", 2, 500, 20, 15, ;

pickaxe class:

public class MyPickaxe extends ItemPickaxe{

public MyPickaxe(ToolMaterial material) {

after in this class you can register more pickaxe with different tool materials and not whoring about creating more classes and fixing dig speed...

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