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Energy network


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Here i am with this question again.. i have a block that is able to connect to other energy-based blocks (only rendering).

Energy is just a variable, no magic, and i know that.. i just need to know how to actually go for making a network.


Doing what i think i should do isn't a good way to go.. which is:

I am a wire. If i have energy and i detect a block that needs it, after scanning all the blocks around myself, i pass it to said block.

but the error here would be that the wire would also detect its source of power and give the power back..


My java skills generally are pretty basic. I have been in the modding section of minecraft for an year or so, and learnt java all from modding..

Is someone willing to point me in the right direction here? I am not in a rush to implement this..

Also keep in mind that I want to have things as tidy and efficient as they can get.. that is why i rewrote my mod from scratch.... 2 times..

I try my best, so apologies if I said something obviously stupid!

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You could give every TileEntity using your Energy a simple getter-Method



public int getMaxReceive()


and let it return 0 instead of a value if you dont

want it to accept energy from other blocks, that

scan around and give Energy to other Tiles. Than

you can use "Math.min" to get the smallest number

that could be transfered in your outout method:


int transfer = Math.min(energy, Math.min(maxTransfer, tile.getMaxReceive());


tile is in that case your TileEntity you scanned for and "Math.min()" returns the smallest

number of the two parameters so if getMaxReceive() returns 0 there wont be any transfer

into the TileEntity but in others that could accept. You only need to dumb the value transfer as

always into your TileEntity.


Hope that could help.



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I should have said that in the op, but.. i am already doing that!


package coalpower.api.energy;

import net.minecraft.nbt.NBTTagCompound;
import net.minecraftforge.common.util.ForgeDirection;

public class EnergyBuffer implements IEnergySink{

private int energy, maxEnergy, intakeRate, extractRate;

public EnergyBuffer(int maxEnergy, int rate){
	this(maxEnergy, rate, rate);

public EnergyBuffer(int maxEnergy, int receiveRate, int extractRate){
	this.maxEnergy = maxEnergy;
	this.intakeRate = receiveRate;
	this.extractRate = extractRate;

public int getEnergy(){
	return energy;

public int getMaxEnergy(){
	return maxEnergy;

public void readFromNBT(NBTTagCompound nbt){
	this.energy = nbt.getInteger("EnergyBuffer");

public void writeToNBT(NBTTagCompound nbt){
	nbt.setInteger("EnergyBuffer", energy);

public int receiveEnergy(int amount) {
	int energyAmount = Math.min(maxEnergy - energy, Math.min(intakeRate, amount));
	this.energy += energyAmount;
	return energyAmount;

public int extractEnergy(int amount) {
	int energyAmount = Math.min(energy, Math.min(extractRate, amount));
	this.energy -= energyAmount;
	return energyAmount;


(IEnergySink is just an interface for receiveEnergy, extractEnergy, getMaxEnergy and getEnergy)


What I need is an efficient way to build a network.. with my java skills.

Like when a block is added into the world, add it to a network aswell (If there is one, else build a new one), then transfer this energy over the network..

I try my best, so apologies if I said something obviously stupid!

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Ok, then I have two last ideas:


1: You make it like in extrautilities that you got an extractor(EnergyNode) and a line to go down.


2: You can pass the direction received where the Energy was last received from and prevent it from outputting it backwards.


But Energy could not go back because the first Wire in the lines buffer is full at a constant outout of the Generator or Battery so it might be difficult for the Energy to go backwards if the Wir before is full so it only has the direction forward down the line.

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