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[1.7.10] 6 questions


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After a long break i finally continued to develop my mod.

Everything is working out quite nicely but now i have a few questions i need to be answered before i can continue.


1  are mob nbt tags automatically synced? I remember vaguely that i had to manualy sync some tile entity data but i am not sure if its the same for mobs.

    If so is there an easy way to do this without having to rely on netty (don't want to add it for just this one thing)?


2  How would i create a mob that can't be pushed around by other mobs, players and pistons?


3  What is the best way to keep a player/mob at the exact same place and to block any actions? I believe tp him over and over again to the same cords could    make the server a bit laggy


4  What would be the easiest way to create a clone of a player?


5  Can i use the following code to "revive" a player in mp Hardcore? I never actually played hardcore bevor :P



MinecraftServer minecraftserver = MinecraftServer.getServer();
GameProfile gameprofile = minecraftserver.getConfigurationManager().func_152608_h().func_152703_a("PLAYERNAME");




6  How exactly can i figure out if my mod is running on a hardcore server?


I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with these problems.



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1. NBT is not synced, meaning you have to use packets. If you have your own mob, there's an alternative to packets: DataWatchers (Google is your friend).

2. Try to override isMovementBlocked() in your entity and return true.

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This thread makes me sad because people just post copy-paste-ready code when it's obvious that the OP has little to no programming experience. This is not how learning works.

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