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[1.7.10] Enchanted books not working in anvil


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I have some trouble with some enchanted books that i've made my villagers sell.


What i do is to create my own tradehandler that implements the IVillageTradeHandler. This works, and i can make my villagers sell what i want them to. I want them to sell enchanted books and those do somehow not work in an anvil. I've noticed that the default enchanted books has a yellow name "Enchanted Book" whereas the ones i have, has a blue name.. I think it has something to do with the way i "make" the book it self. Heres my code in my trade handler showing what im doing:


Random rand = new Random();
Enchantment enchantment = Enchantment.enchantmentsBookList[random.nextInt(Enchantment.enchantmentsBookList.length)];
ItemStack enchantedBook = new ItemStack(Items.enchanted_book, 1);
int lvl = MathHelper.getRandomIntegerInRange(rand, enchantment.getMinLevel(), enchantment.getMaxLevel());
enchantedBook.addEnchantment(enchantment, lvl);


I've also tried using the Items.book instead of the Items.enchanted_book, but this gives the same results.


What im i doing wrong ?

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Now im a little confused but isnt that already what im doing if you look at my code ?


I create a new itemstack with Items.enchanted_book that i call enchantedBook. And with that instance i then use enchantedBook.addEnchantment ..

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You're using the ItemStack#addEnchantment method; diesieben is saying you need to use the one specific to ItemEnchantedBook - Items.enchanted_book.addEnchantment(...), because enchanted books handle enchantments differently, apparently.


Right, because the book itself is not enchanted, but rather it contains an enchantment (you can do both!)

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Alright thanks for that info !


Now since im all new to this.. Could you guys maybe provide an example on the usage ? Im having a hard time understanding it i must say.. I tried it like this:


the addEnchantment method on Item.enchanted_book seems to want the first argument to be an ItemStack. But since i have no ItemStack to define here, as this is on the line where i create it, what should i write ?


ItemStack enchantedBook = new ItemStack(Items.enchanted_book.addEnchantment(enchantedBook, enchData));


The above ofcourse does not work, since the enchantedBook ItemStack i use, is being created on the same line.. This might be a noob question i hope you can handle my low skill level  ;)

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You first create an ItemStack containing an Enchanted Book, like you already did. All you need to do is replace your call to ItemStack.addEnchantment with a call to Items.enchanted_book.addEnchantment. As the first parameter pass the ItemStack, as the 2nd parameter pass the EnchantmentData (Enchantment + level).

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