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Tile Entities and Multiblocks for a newbie?


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Hey there, I have an idea for a mod I want to do, it's nothing "fancy" but at the same time, to someone who hasn't gone past making a block and item, it is pretty much a holy grail for me.

If you just want to point me in the direction of some source code, that's cool and all, but I wouldn't know where to look unless it is a mod I am familiar with... But anyway what I want to do is have a 3x3x3 structure with a custom block making the outer frame, redstone blocks through the middle 3 blocks, and the custom tile entity in the 4 remaining slots around the edge... well, this is one of 4 possibilities (minimum 1 tile entity, and 3 machine parts, up to 4 tile entities and no machine parts... if that makes sense).

But anyway, what do I want these to do?

Well the tile entity on its own will work just as a furnace, but a twice as efficient (1 coal lasts 16 uses, for example). *this isn't needed

However the multiblock will increase efficiency and output for ores, depending on how many "furnaces" are added.

For example:

1 "furnace" will result in one iron ingot when you put in 1 iron ore.

But if you have 2 "furnaces" in the multiblock, then you get 2 iron ore, etc.


So if anyone knows of any good source code to look at for this, or would be able to help me with this, then please do tell :)

Thanks a lot :)

Why bother?

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