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[Usage Survey] onBlockDestroyedByExplosion


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I'm doing a quick survey on how other devs use onBlockDestroyedByExplosion in there own work.


Who am I

I'm the current owner/developer of ICBM and head developer for Universal Electricity modding organization.


Why the survey

    I've been making an effort to reach out to more devs before assuming things. This way my work is well supported, handles how each dev does there own work, and is very flexable. In this case i'm working on increasing the functionality of the original ICBM mod while rewriting it from the ground up.


How to answer the survey

    Give the use case a quick name followed by what happens. Keep it short and generic so it can be applied to any block out side your own work. You do not need to explain why you code your block with the use in mind. Instead just say what the block does when the method is called and any related logic after the call.


  Your are not required to but feel free to list the mod, block/tile, and example code. This way other devs can use this thread to understand the same thing i'm working on. Mod name and blocks will only be used to compile a list per use case. Code will not be used without your permission and it is advised to list the code's copy right if it has one.


[h2]Use Cases[/h2]

    A use case is  a unique example of how something will work or be used. For those that have never used them they are widely used to help design how code will work. Mainly to plan out every realistic action the code should support. In this case the action is triggered by the block being removed by an explosion with or without item drops.


    Each case is either unique or a sub case of generic use case. While all uses cases are nice there is also a list of use cases that will end up being blocked. This is to prevent issue that most player do not like to see in mods. Mainly duplication of items and crashes due to assumptions made when creating blocks.


#1 Event Trigger

Any event fired to let other mods, blocks, entities, or object know the block has been destroyed. Example of this are mods that need the event to trigger an action for cleanup. Another example is an entity linked to the block that may be removed if the block is gone.


#2 Blow up

Explosive like blocks that trigger more removal of blocks. Example of these blocks are Minecraft's TNT, explosive+, icbm, and resonant induction's reactors.


#3 Visual Effects

Blocks that create effect when they are removed. For example generating particles of smoke or pixel to indicate the block is done.


#4 Block Placement

Blocks that turn into another block when destroyed by an explosive. Example of this are glass to glass fragments, stone bricks to cracked stone bricks, stone to cobble stone, or wood to mulch.


#5 Unique Item Drops

Blocks that drop special items when destroyed by explosives. A few mods do this to gain crafting items as an extra step in getting high level blocks.


#5 Normal Item Drops

Blocks that drop items or call the dropItem method when remove by explosives. In which the same items are drop as if it was removed by a player. This is actually something a block should never do as most explosives will call the dropItem method. This way result in duplicated items as a future warning to other devs. If any dev does this in there code they need to ensure that the dropItem method doesn't drop blocks as well. This can be done by adding a location based boolean HashMap<Vec3, boolean> or List<Vec3>


#6 Fragment Effects

Any block that creates entity projectiles to harm entities around the block. Examples are ICBM's explosives that turn blocks into shrapnel and generate shrapnel entities drop the explosive block.


#7 Spawn Entity

Blocks that create new entities when destroyed. I'm unsure of example of this as its not commonly done. However, depending on the entity i may skip calling the destroy method to save memory creating the entity. As the explosive can cause 1 to 1/2 Million points of damage to any entity it finds after destroying all blocks.


#8 Mutliblocks

Not entirely related to the method call but it is useful to know if a multiblock system will cause issues. I've run into several examples of mods assuming blocks exist. For example a mutliblock barrel/crate mod that uses vec3 to find its core block. In which it never checked if the tile exists but just cast right away to its assumed type. Causing both NPE and can't cast exceptions.


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    • Delete the config of this mod (config folder) and test it again   If there is no change, try other builds  
    • Add the full crash-report or latest.log (logs-folder) with sites like https://paste.ee/ and paste the link to it here
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